The extraordinary manifestation of the shared vision by Inés and Estefanía Montagut. In 2021, these passionate creators gave birth to a Colombian high-end fashion brand that transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion.

About Monèir

Monèir is more than just high-quality garments; it is the expression of unwavering dedication to sophistication, authenticity, and the celebration of the contemporary woman. Inspired by the rich Colombian culture, the brand delves into the richness, delicacy, and textures of superior materials, combining subtle details and touches of color to create unique pieces.

Each Monèir garment is a work of art designed to be versatile and adapt to the multitude of scenarios and situations faced by today's woman. More than a fashion brand, Monèir is a storyteller through every seam, embodying the essence of high-quality Colombian fashion.

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Monèir's products

Immerse yourself in the Monèir universe, where authenticity meets sophistication, and each piece is a distinctive expression of style that goes beyond fleeting trends. Discover fashion that inspires and celebrates diversity with Monèir.