Zunilda Gutierrez

Introducing Zunilda Gutiérrez, a brand that breathes freshness, rural charm, and the essence of Latin America. Born with a mission to celebrate and uplift the Latina woman, Zunilda Gutiérrez draws inspiration from the richness of nature—the earth, the countryside, rural life, textiles, and, of course, our deeply rooted heritage that is ever-present in every collection.

About Zunilda Gutierrez

Zunilda Gutiérrez explores silhouettes and prints that are artfully abstracted from memories and the idyllic lifestyle of Latin American countryside living. The brand is a testament to the commitment to surprising women with refined taste, those who adorn their personalities with garments brimming with detail, color, fluidity, and elegance.

Exclusivity and quality take center stage in each creation, as every print is meticulously thought out and developed exclusively for the brand. The design and manufacturing process are overseen by a highly talented team, ensuring that each garment reflects the distinctive touch that defines Zunilda Gutiérrez.

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Zunilda Gutierrez's products

Step into the world of Zunilda Gutiérrez, where fashion becomes a canvas that beautifully captures the spirit of Latin America. Each piece is not just a garment; it's a celebration of the vibrant culture, memories, and the enduring charm of the Latina woman.