Inside Geraldine Garcia’s moodboard: the inspo behind the Anturio Resort collection

In her own workshop, far from the constraints of mass production, Geraldine García and her team of talented Salvadorian women breathe life into fashion in an exceptional way. Each garment is crafted one by one, in limited quantities, using traditional methods that honor craftsmanship, weaving stories through beautiful garments.

 The Anturio Resort collection is an invitation to experience luxury and sophistication in a tropical setting. The influence of nature in a designer’s moodboard is inevitable, and with Geraldine is no different. For her latest resort collection, she wanted to explore the beauty and delicacy of the  tropical  Anthurium flower. Native from Central America, this salvadorian brand, takes inspiration of the vibrant colors and unique heart-shaped leaves that often represent love and joy.

 Geraldine has captured the essence of her main source of inspiration in every piece, creating designs that reflect its charm and sophistication. Her goal: to combine style and comfort without sacrificing the characteristic freshness of seasonal garments, where nature and fashion come together in perfect harmony. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to be versatile and adaptable to different occasions, from leisurely beach strolls to elegant outdoor dinners.


 Discover the anthurium inspired prints of Geraldine Garcia in

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