Step inside our Latam Moodboard - About Us

Our journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to introduce the world to the richness of Latin American design, offering unique pieces from talented designers. The name Latam Moodboard, comes from the arrangement of images, colors, materials and textures that come to mind when we think of Latin American fashion.


Going a little bit further we celebrate Latin American design and its diversity, as we become a hero for sustainable fashion… the result: a platform for fashion lovers who want to discover and shop the best brands from our region. Connecting you to Latin-American designers that prioritize local craftsmanship, sustainability, and ethical practices.


Allying ourselves with artisans, dressmakers and seamstresses to promote fair trade through our social responsibility. Strengthening our roots through the curated selection of pieces from the hottest upcoming Latin-american brands.


On our moodboard -  goals and missions


  • Affordability: Balancing the desire for quality clothing with budget constraints, and seeking out affordable yet well-made pieces.


  • Seamless seasonal transitions: Managing the transition of a wardrobe between different seasons and climates, ensuring that clothing is both practical and stylish.


  • Wardrobe versatility: Creating a versatile wardrobe with pieces that can be mixed and matched for various occasions, reducing the need for excessive shopping.






ZUNILDA GUTIERREZ: From Panamá with love, Zunilda explores silhouettes and prints abstracted from memories of the mystic lifestyle in Latin American.


LADY ANGARITA: The epitome of Colombian design: emphasizing the womens body in a romantic and feminine way.  This brand passionately represents the essence of her culture through her creations.


GERALDINE GARCIA: Designed and made in El Salvador, they take pride in producing their clothes one by one, in limited quantities, by Salvadoran women, dedicated to the craft of making beautiful clothes.


MONEIR:  Founded by sisters Inés and Stefania, this Colombian brand focuses on thoughtfully designed pieces made to be versatile and that adjust to the different scenarios and situations faced by today's women.

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